The Latest Trends in the Lock Industry

The lock industry is always following new trends at a fast pace. We’ve tried all types of high-security locks. We’ve completely ditched keys. We have installed electronic locks. We have used a smartphone to unlock our doors. All of that happened over the years. Biometrics has its fair share of usage as well in some high-class business communities and neighborhoods. Locks have come a long way. It will only continue growing. Since our needs for security is always increasing, the lock industry keeps on growing.

Bluetooth-Powered Door Locks

The smart lock market is quickly growing. However, it has been a while since it became almost the standard. Bluetooth-powered locks aren’t really new in the industry with technology developing even faster. However, these locks are still popular in the market. Bluetooth-powered locks can be controlled using your mobile device. They work with applications. This will enable you to tap unlock or lock. You can also assign permanent and temporary users. However, you have to be within a particular range in order to activate your lock. But, if you have a WiFi connection, you can easily control your door locks, even if you’re far away.

Without hesitation, WiFi locks are ideal. This is because they provide you the ability to remotely control your door locks. Other features that smart locks offer includes auto lock systems, lock and unlocking audit, alert notifications for forced entries, and voice activation.
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Smart Homes

Before, we always think about the concept of connected homes. However, it is real today. There are a lot of various types of systems that will connect electronics in your house. This includes appliances, lights, gadgets, and much more. Of course, connected locks also exist. With these locks, you can unlock your doors if there’s smoke in your home. Furthermore, you can easily turn on the lights of your house whenever you unlock your door.

With the rise of cloud, soon we will have access solutions through it. However, almost every individual still utilize regular keys with regular locks.

Importance of Keeping Up with the Trend

Of course, as a property owner, all we want is a door lock that will offer protection and security. To make things simple, we only need locks that are durable enough to keep the burglar out of your home. It does not matter if it uses WiFi, electricity, or anything.

Thus, locks that have been tested against hammering, drilling, picking, and prying, and scored well will be your best bet. However, the thing is that burglars also keep up with the trend. This means that some of them have advanced tools that can easily unlock doors.

So, would it make a difference if you have a mechanical or digital lock? Well, yes. In fact, electric locks are far better than the regular ones. But, if you want to really improve security, you can always install two types of door locks for your property. With the help of a professional locksmith, you can easily find the best lock that will fit your needs.

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