Locksmith Advice: Ways to Prepare for Emergencies

Whenever a lot of individuals contact locksmith, they’re in the middle of an emergency, and they badly require rekeying their cars, change the locks on their houses, or access a locked vehicle since they lost the keys.

However, there are things you can do if you’re the kind of person who likes to plan ahead and want to minimize your odds of facing an emergency locksmith situation.

Here are several ways for you to follow to reduce your risk of having to contact a locksmith in an emergency.

Install Keyless Locks on Your Home

Individuals often contact locksmiths to install new locks on their apartments or houses after they’ve lost the keys. These worried individuals do not want to risk having burglars find their keys and have access to their properties. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to prevent this kind of emergency.

You can replace your key-based and mechanical locks with biomechanical or coded locks. You will not have to worry about losing the keys anymore with these locks. You can simply change your code if you forgot it or share it with a person who turns out to be unreliable. Nobody can enter without a biological signature, such as fingerprints, if you install biomechanical locks.

Place Locks inside Your Doors

Install locks that lock from the inside if you do not want to replace your old locks with keyless locks. Deadbolts are extremely efficient. However, you will have to drill your door during installation. On the other hand, chain locks are cheap and can be easily installed using a screwdriver.

With this, you can at least be ensured that a burglar can’t access your property if you lose your keys.

Secure a Spare Key to Your Key

If you want to prevent an emergency call to the locksmith whenever you have locked yourself out of your vehicle accidentally, you should always secure a spare key to your car. You can purchase magnetic boxes that can be installed to your car’s underbelly. This will keep your spare key accessible easily.

Change Your Car Locks to Keypads

Though several individuals want to have spare key magnetized to their car’s underbelly, others report that the magnetic boxes become displaced on roads that are bumpy. Talk with a locksmith about changing your car locks to keypads if you’re one of the individuals who don’t like magnetic boxes. Then, you can easily unlock your vehicle using a code.

Make Copies of All Your Keys

Oftentimes, individuals who have lost all of their car or home keys have to contact locksmiths to make them new ones. This procedure can be time-consuming and costly. Also, it can be particularly costly if you’ve hired a locksmith to make new transponder keys for your vehicle. By having spare keys made for all of your keys, you can easily prevent these situations.

Lubricate Locks

Keep the locks lubricated to prevent keys from getting stuck in locks. However, when you lubricate them, you have to ensure that you wipe any residue.

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